A PUPIL at Edgeborough School has donated more than 130 Advent calendars to Farnham Foodbank ahead of the charity’s “reverse Advent calendar” campaign.

Max Moon, 11, collected 132 calendars in time for the start of Advent on December 1.

The year seven schoolboy said he would have been “happy with at least 20 advent calendars, but I definitely blew that”.

He said: “My mum and I were having a talk about how stressful and expensive Christmas can get, so that gave me the idea I could maybe help out a few families by donating Advent calendars – because think how sad it would be if your family said ‘we can’t afford an Advent calendar this year’."

And caring Max added: “It feels amazing I’ve made so many children happy this Christmas.

“It may not be a huge, huge thing to do but it will definitely make some people happy – and thinking about other people is better than thinking about yourself.”

Max presented the collection to Farnham Foodbank volunteer Mel Cracknell, who described him as “amazing” and said she was “privileged” to pick up the calendars.

She believes it is important “children remember children”, which is “what makes it more admirable as well for Max”.

Farnham Foodbank will be giving out hampers to around 130 families this Christmas, which will include around eight bags of food.

As well as being part of the hampers, donated Advent calendars will be available from distribution centres where families and individuals collect food.

The charity is again running a ’reverse Advent calendar’ campaign which involves people taking food to the foodbank every day as a gift.

Christmas shopping lists can also be found in Waitrose or on the Farnham Foodbank Facebook page.