TRANSPORT bosses have dusted off a 16-year-old plan for an underpass at Hickleys Corner to help solve Farnham’s traffic issues.

And this time they feel there is genuine hope the £100million project could go ahead.

Transport for the South East – which involves 16 transport authorities and five local enterprise partnerships – believes it has identified a possible funding stream.

But the news the project is back on the table brought anger from Farnham councillors, who said they were being kept in the dark.

Farnham Town Council leader John Neale – who also sits on Waverley Borough Council – said a “major funding opportunity” had been found for the underpass.

But Cllr Carole Cockburn said: “I am absolutely appalled to hear this.

“We have several members of this town council who sit on the Waverley executive – yet where does Farnham sit in this? There have been no direct negotiations with us at all.

“We do not want people from Waverley and Surrey making decisions on our behalf.

“Cllr Neale says the Waverley executive support the plan. But what about us? I don’t want this council to receive only second-hand information. It’s a total disgrace.

“When is Farnham Town Council going to get a chance to put its view? I do not like this at all. I am always highly suspicious when Surrey and Waverley decide things on Farnham’s behalf.

“We are being short-changed.”

Cllr George Hesse called for proper analysis of traffic movements – the number of vehicles, where they are travelling from and to – and a proper consultation with the public before committing to the work.

“I am sure people are working hard behind the scenes for us, but the town council must be engaged.”

Cllr David Attfield said there was no rush. “This is a ‘not-in-my-lifetime’ project,” he said.