A TOWN and borough councillor has called for something to be done about the “diabolical” state of roadside barriers in Farnham town centre.

George Hesse, Farnham Residents member for Farnham Castle, has taken issue with a series of bent and buckled barriers throughout the Farnham Conservation Area – and particularly at the Royal Deer junction (pictured below), as well as the South Street/Union Road junction and at the top of Downing Street.

In an email to fellow councillors, he said: “This is what visitors see when coming to our town - appealing isn’t it? Look at this diabolical mess... this is right in the heart of our town and it’s a shambles.

“Make your own minds up. Is this acceptable? If you think it is a third world style example of neglect and should be sorted, please write to your county councillors.”

Email Farnham Central county councillor Andy MacLeod at [email protected] .