GETTING the bus is something that a lot of people will be familiar with, but for one Badshot Lea resident enough is enough.

Mariya Mitkova relies on getting the bus from Bullers Road at Weybourne to Aldershot for both work and to get into town.

But after complaining multiple times to Stagecoach about the timetables not being kept and delays to the service, she has decided to make her complaint public.

Mariya said: “Today was the tip of the iceberg when the scheduled bus was not even on the website and I was advised the next bus would be arriving an hour later.

“The website never gets updated with any information for delays, for all I know today someone called in sick or a bus broke down, but no one made the people waiting in the cold aware.”

Mariya told the Herald that she’s even had to change her shifts at work to ensure she arrives on time, after receiving warnings from her workplace: “I had to change my life schedule to fit around the Stagecoach buses.

“This is unacceptable and I am shocked at the lack of any empathy or respect.

“Stagecoach should be ashamed.”

Following this complaint, Mariya received a complimentary one week pass and a refund from Stagecoach which she was very appreciative of.

But, since Mariya first got in touch she has had further problems: “I had to get a cab to work the other day because bus number 18 did not even stop at the bus stop when there was a person waiting to get on at the designated time, just simply drove past with no attempt to stop at all.

“There are some drivers that are completely going beyond customer service, and others lack empathy, customer care or any communication skills whatsoever.

“They’re simply rude, go on their own timetables and have no regard for anyone else’s time or feelings.

“If I use a service and pay a big chunk of money towards it, I expect it to be good.”

Stagecoach have advised her that this recent incident will be looked into.

Town councillor and public transport expert David Beaman lives in South Farnham and so uses these routes regularly himself.

He said: “I am not aware of any significant reliability problems, although recently the services have on occasions been running late due to roadworks in Aldershot.

“This resulted in services having to take some lengthy diversions but these roadworks have now been completed.

“My personal experience is that most Stagecoach drivers are helpful and considerate, for example most wait for elderly and disabled passengers to be seated before pulling away from stops.

“As for informing passengers of any delays regarding journeys it would be helpful if real time information displays could be installed at main bus stops.”

Responding to Mariya’s complaints, Stagecoach operations director Gordon Frost said: “In recent months a number of our routes have been affected by works being carried out in the Aldershot and surrounding areas.

“Route 18 had been affected by these and was on a lengthy diversion for several months.  

“Unfortunately this did mean it was delayed occasionally during this diversionary period.

“All efforts are made to ensure our services run to time, however on occasion incidents which are out of our control do have an impact on our routes.

“We are happy to look into particular incidents from customers at any time where specific details are provided.”