THE new academic year at Amesbury School, Hindhead, also sees a new figure take the helm.

Sheina Wright, former deputy head of Guildford High Junior School, has taken over as Amesbury head from Nigel Taylor.

Miss Wright is also primary head of United Teaching, which trains teachers of the future across the United Learning Group, the parent company of Guildford High School.

Her first teaching role in the independent sector was as a key stage one teacher and history co-ordinator at St Albans High School.

She joined Guildford High School in 2003 and has held various positions over this time, including year two, five and six form teacher, head of English and director of studies.

Welcoming her new appointment, Miss Wright said: “In order to be at their very best, children must be happy: this must come first.

“The happiness and well-being of young people today is paramount. In school, the mental well-being of children must always be at the forefront of our minds.

“Finding opportunities for all pupils to shine, achieve, and feel valued is incredibly important to me as a leader.

“In our educational setting, we are well placed to use extra-curricular provision and a broad and balanced curriculum as a vehicle to make sure this happens.

“All children should be given the opportunity to pursue new interests, thrive and showcase their talents.

“We must know our pupils and share that confident knowledge with parents.

“Many of the jobs for today’s young people are yet to be created and so it is essential that they don’t catch us out.

“As educationalists we need to consider how we ensure that our curriculum is designed for the 21st-century child.”