What do you get when you combine a stunning area, keen locals, and a photo competition?

A tough decision!

For the past week, Farnham's collaborative Facebook group 'Picture this' has been running a competition to replace its header photo. We were looking for pictures that captured Farnham in all its glory, and WOW.

It was a tough decision and we got so many amazing contributions.

However, there is only one header, so, the winner is.... Alison Reynolds with this beautiful picture taken on Upper Church Lane.

(Alison Reynolds)

We love how much this typifies Farnham, a cobbled street, the sun on the church, and the red bricks of the buildings that frame the photo. What a lovely image.

But, we couldn't stop there. The entries were all amazing.

We have decided to change the header photo each month, so keep the pictures coming in!

Some special mentions for beautiful photos can be found below, and you can see them all on the group!

Bishops Meadows by Dawn Roberts

This is the perfect summers day and we love the iconic silhouette in the background!

Bishops meadows
(Dawn Roberts.)

The sun on this iconic Farnham image by Jonathan Durham

The sun on the bricks creating that lovely colour is just divine! How peaceful is this photo?

Summer evening
(Jonathan Durham)

Festive Fun by Liz Lee

We love this! The laughter and good vibes radiating from it make it such a happy photo. We love seeing the community come together for things like snowfall, and the view in the background makes it even better!

Liz Lee
(Liz Lee)

Frensham Little Pond by Robert Clayson

A beautiful sunset at a beautiful location. The sun and clouds reflected in the water makes it twice as picturesque.

Frensham Little Pond
(Robert Clayson)