This last week it has rained quite a bit. And guess what? Both local sewage treatment works, in Bentley and in Farnham Monkton Lane, overflowed for hours on end. 

To its credit, Thames Water has a realtime map showing this ( Hint: look when its raining! The map lit up red all over on Thursday and Friday, so the problems are not limited to Farnham and the Wey.

Is this the new normal? Each time we get a decent amount of rain, will we pump sewage into the River Wey or its tributaries? 

It’s disgusting. For the sake of our children who play in the river, for the sake of the wildlife that inhabits its banks, and for the sake of our environment, this has to stop.

It’s time for a change.

John Gaskell

Chair, Farnham Labour,

Weybourne, Farnham