POPULAR Fernhurst Pre-School leader Judy Holliday is retiring after providing 30 years dedicated support for generations of village children.

Two years after moving to Fernhurst in 1984, having worked for Barnado’s Homes, she took over Fernhurst Playgroup, a charity run by a parent-led committee, with sessions held in the youth club buildings.

When the playgroup grew bigger, she succeeded in relocating it to the grounds of Fernhurst Primary School, where the pre-school now also has its own outside space, both hard surface and woodchip.

Under her leadership, Fernhurst Pre-School has always joined in with community activities.

Its members have visited local farms, taken part in the annual Fernhurst Revels on a float, competed in sports days and performed in nativity plays.

In the pancake races, toddlers ran with paper plates and homemade Playdough pancakes.

At a farewell leaving party organised by pre-school team member Jane Bloomfield (right) for Judy (left), guests included staff and parents from down the years and a display of photographs over the last 30 years caused great interest, as guests tried to identify the children in them.

Judy may have retired as leader, but she has no intention of losing contact entirely and hopes to spend more time working with special needs children.