Frensham’s very own platinum couple, Pat and Rita Reed, will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

Pat was born on August 28, 1929, remarkably just two days before his future wife Rita, on August 30, 1929, and they married when both aged 22 on August 9, 1952.

Together they bought a piece of land in Pond Lane, next to Frensham Great Pond, in 1958 on which Pat built the couple’s family home himself in 1961.

They established Frensham Pond Kennels in 1964, and ran the successful business themselves for many years. The staff house was also built by Pat.

Their first son Laurence was born in 1962 and now lives in Wales with his partner, and visits regularly. Second son Gregory was born in 1964, and is married with two adult daughters Holly and Georgia – granddaughters much loved by Pat and Rita.

Pat sailed his yacht on the Isle of Wight as his hobby until retirement.

Then, with friends, he helped set up the radio-controlled model boat sailing section of the Frensham Pond Sailing Club.

In retirement they passed on Frensham Pond Kennels to son Gregory who now has run the successful business for some years. He and his wife Karen live in the house built for staff, and keep a helpful watch on Pat and Rita.

Barbara Parkes, Rita’s sister, said Rita and Pat, now 93, “are a devoted couple and have supported and helped each other through several medical traumas, with Rita encouraging and supporting Pat in all his endeavours.”

She added they have been “a rock” to the family and are “much loved and admired by all. Their granddaughters are a constant joy to them.”