Headcase Studio Bordon – a locally-owned franchise of Headcase Barbers International – is opening at The Shed in Bordon this month.

Franchise owner Emma Selby said: “I have known Headcase Barbers since they had the original unit in Farnham. With its local roots, funky brand personality and great reputation, Headcase Barbers will fit The Shed perfectly.

“We will be looking to create great new partnerships with the bars, restaurants and shops that make up this fabulous community at The Shed.

“And most importantly, Headcase Studio Bordon will provide self-employment opportunities for local barbers and training opportunities for school leavers.“

Headcase Barbers International said: “We want to give our customers everything you’d expect from a genuine barbershop experience and more. The music we play speaks for itself – rock, blues, jazz and a bit of funk. And why not have a free beer?”