FORMER Frensham schoolboy Art Eldridge has made it his mission to cut waste and encourage people to stop buying products that are not environmentally friendly, by launching a #Goodbuyfortheplanet initiative.

Art, who is nine years old and moved to Bali with his family just under a year ago, was given a school project to complete during the coronavirus crisis on how he could make a positive impact on the planet.

Since moving to Indonesia, Art and his brother have found a new passion for surfing and realised the impact that plastic waste has both on land and in the oceans.

From there, Art and his family set up his plan via an Instagram and Facebook account, posing in pictures with his thumb down with a product he is not going to buy because of its harmful effects on the planet.

Plastic and styrofoam are just two materials Art is focused on, with palm oil also proving to be detrimental to the Earth.

All three are a worldwide issue, and Adam wants to put a full stop on their production.

The primary school pupil’s most ambitious aim is to spread this message worldwide through the power of social media, encouraging others to follow his lead and build his own following on his accounts.

Once Art reaches his ideal number of followers, he wants to contact the companies that include harmful packaging or ingredients in their products to try to convince them to change their ways.

He continues to post on Instagram every day to spread awareness.

To follow Art and support his campaign, visit