FARNHAM Maltings will reach 45 rural venues nationwide this winter with its production of the classic tale It’s a Wonderful Life.

The tour which started at the end of November and which will run until January 31, is adapted by Mary Elliott Nelson, directed by Gavin Stride, designed by James Lewis and cast members include Jack Reid, Mick Strobel, Natalia Campbell and David Matthews.

In Bedford Falls small town America, George Bailey, a desperate middle-aged clerk, discovers the difference he has made to his family, his friends and his home town, with a little help from Clarence, the apprentice angel.

Anchored by the low-key setting of relaxed village and town halls, delicate lighting and a passionately engaging cast, the play seamlessly connects with its audience at a very profound level delivering a clear and basic humanitarian message – that we all contribute a wealth of unimaginable beauty and value to the surrounding world.

Gavin Stride said: “Not only is it one of my favourite stories but it feels really important now more than ever, to be celebrating the effect, big or small we all make within our communities and homes. Making a piece of contemporary theatre for village halls is always a privilege.

“In rural touring we are the visitors to the spaces that are familiar to the audience, where performers and community enter and exit through the same door, drink in the same pub even use the same toilets. This makes the whole event different. Our hope is that people will feel that they have spent an evening in the company of new friends.”