I appreciate and respect that sport and active lifestyles is not everyone’s cup of tea. Each to our own.

In fact, the famous playwright, Oscar Wilde, was reportedly once asked if he ever took part in physical recreation. He replied ‘‘whenever I feel the urge to participate in physical recreation I lie down until the feeling goes away’’.

But this coming year is another bumper one for sport, headlined by the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Euro 2024 football tournament. And, locally, sport in Farnham is buoyant. There are so many superb community sports, fitness and recreation clubs to join. Farnham’s impressive clubs are a health service all on their own, they do so much for social cohesion and community health and well-being.

Farnham Sports Council has just celebrated its 50th anniversary and presented a countdown of 50 sporting highlights in Farnham over the past 50 years at a special event last month. 

The Herald are currently showcasing the countdown each week in the sports pages, five at a time. 

And, in 2024, the sports council will be undertaking, in partnership with The Farnham Lions, the town council and the UCA, a sports-related environmental sustainability project, a further 50th anniversary legacy initiative. We should all do our bit.

Farnham Sports Council wishes to extend the very best of wishes to your readers for the coming year. 

A happy and healthy new year to everyone.

David Gill, chair, Farnham Sports Council

Glorney Mead, Farnham