A new memorial bench has been installed in St Peter’s churchyard in memory of long-time residents Betty and Ron Sutton.

Thanks to the efforts of caretaker Steve Sargent and online ordering, the seat was organised from afar as their daughter Jacquie Postlethwaite lives in Australia.

Jacquie expressed her joy of the reminder of her much- loved parents, which faces the door they emerged from for the first time as husband and wife, and is grateful to the parish council, Rev Will Hughes and Mr Sargent for turning this idea into a reality. 

The family have strong connections to St Peter's as Betty and Ron were married there, a marriage which stood the test of time for over 60 years, and Betty and Ron's daughters, Caroline and Jacquie, were christened there.

Both daughters were regular bell-ringers there, and Jacquie returns to ring there whenever she is in the country. 

She hopes people will enjoy using the seat for years to come and take a moment to remember the wonderful couple in whose memory the seat has been donated.

memorial bench
Jacquie Postlethwaite and her family on bench dedicated to her parents (Jacquie Postlethwaite)