In 2005, an unassuming advert was placed in a coffee shop in Farnham calling for members with no past musical experience to sign up for a new ‘Rock Choir’.

Singer and musician Caroline Redman Lusher devised the concept for the contemporary choir for people who couldn’t read music while teaching A-level music and performing arts at the Sixth Form College, Farnborough.

And from that small ad, she knew she was onto something when her first 70 members registered.

The proceeding years were a whirlwind as Rock Choir’s membership exploded, launching new choirs across the region and quickly establishing itself nationally.

In 2009, just four years after its launch, Caroline fulfilled a dream of every musician by receiving a platinum disc recognising her contribution to the hit album Coming Home, by The Soldiers.

In its edition of December 4, 2009 the Herald reported: “Founder of Rock Choir, Caroline Redman Lusher was presented with a highly coveted platinum disc last week in front of delighted members of her Rock Choir at Farnham Maltings.”

Caroline is quoted in the article: “It was very emotional for me, it’s amazing to think that all this has been possible because of Rock Choir.”

Guy Fletcher, a past chairman of the Performing Rights Society, said that Caroline was responsible for “changing the musical landscape of the country”.

He added: “By creating Rock Choir in 2005, it has dramatically helped the British public improve their well-being and mental health by creating joy with the power of group-singing, friendship and support.”

To think, now with more than 400 Rock Choir locations around the country, it all started in Farnham.

With the international successes of the Farnham Youth Choir and the town’s many other group and individual talents, there is no doubt that Farnham is a mecca for music.