Prolific offender and Farnham man Peter Robertson, also known as ‘Peter Rabbit’, is behind bars. 

Robertson, 39, of Ryle Road, Farnham, was sentenced at Guildford Magistrates Court last week (May 16) to 16 weeks in prison for breaching a Community Behaviour Order (CBO). He was also ordered to pay court costs of £154.

Robertson’s arrest on May 15 was the result of investigations following his attempt to steal goods from Poundland in The Borough. Robertson was intercepted by security guard Yenis Buzid. Mr Buzid said: “I have known Peter Robertson for the past six years and I have stopped him stealing more than 18 times. He goes from shop to shop - Boots, Waitrose, Elphicks, as well as Poundland. I saw he had a bag of stolen goods and went up to him. He put it down and said ‘I’m going’. Two weeks before that he tried to take wine and chocolate. I think when he comes out in four months he will try it again.”

Robertson received the CBO in June 2022 for shoplifting and causing a nuisance in Farnham.

Waverley Police Borough Commander, Inspector Rob Brian said: "We want to reassure the local community that this offender has been apprehended and dealt with through the courts. Robertson had targeted local shops, and we know how much distress and inconvenience this causes for the staff at these stores and members of the public. We hope the outcome from yesterday shows that we are committed to tackling these types of behaviours.”