THE fourth Farnham Fun Palace which took place on Saturday, October 7, attracted 200 participants and was made possible by 26 volunteers.

Visitors experienced the Museum of Farnham and Farnham library in a new way: they were given the opportunity to try their hands at arts, sciences and crafts activities created by, for and with our community.

Larking Arts invited the visitors to write and post a poem, FADEG presented their 10th community drawing exploring the living lines of communication.

One could also learn to paint like Monet, play with art robots, take pictures and create a live exhibition, have hours of finger crochet fun, learn to sculpt clay or quill, play the ukuleles. 

While the Fun Palace is a celebration of art and science through play, it is also and above all a celebration of communities and 2017 saw the creation of the first Fun Palace Parliament by Shirley Wardell and Robert Simpson.

They asked what we would like politics to be like and what actions we can take, each and everyone one of us, to make things happen, together. 

Carine Osmont, one of the organisers of this year’s event, said: “Because it is made by the community, the Fun Palace is intergenerational, diverse, accessible and engaging. We are very grateful to all our volunteers, makers and visitors for their participation, insights and feedback.

“We want to build on the new relations made, the new ideas. We also want to start new conversations and invite everyone to contact us whether they want to send us suggestions for 2018 or even better take part.

“The next Fun Palace is on October 6, 2018, join in!”

For more information find @farnhamfunpal on Twitter or email farnham