A public art panel chaired by Farnham Maltings director Gavin Stride has commissioned two artists to create a craft themed public art trail as part of Farnham’s Brightwells Yard scheme.

Artist Patrick Walls will create life-sized artisan figures carved in sandstone, each representing different craftspeople at work in a celebration of the historic craftsmanship in Farnham.

Artist Kerry Lemon’s series of unique hand-drawn illustrations linking the past, present and future of craft in Farnham will also be transposed on to the surface of 13 paving stones to form a public art trail from which people can take rubbings.

The art trail has been funded by developer Crest Nicholson, in accordance with the conditions of its planning permission for the East Street/Brightwells Yard scheme.

Waverley Borough Council helped assemble a public art panel, chaired by Maltings director Mr Stride, to represent the views of the creative sector in Farnham and guide the use of public art funding.

Members of the panel also included the head of fine Art at UCA Farnham and a trustee of the Farnham Public Art Trust. There were also representatives from Farnham Town Council, the planning team at Waverley Borough Council and Crest Nicholson.

A brief was prepared for prospective artists and the panel asked them to submit designs and details of their previous work, as well as potential ideas for artwork to be displayed at Brightwells Yard.

Cllr Andy MacLeod, Waverley’s portfolio holder for enforcement, operations and Brightwells, said: “The work by Patrick Walls is inspired by the John Hutton paintings in the Museum of Farnham, depicting crafts including a cabinet maker, a blacksmith, a painter and a group representing the brewery industry. He wants his work to represent both a historic and contemporary relevance to Farnham and will install the figures around the development in clusters of four.”

The Herald has asked Crest Nicholson to confirm an up-to-date timetable for the opening of Brightwells Yard.