A BLANKET of snow covered Farnham and the surrounding area following heavy snowfall on Thursday night and into Friday morning last week.

Farnham was among some of the worst hit areas in the county, resulting in chaos on the roads and a number of school closures.

The Met Office observation station at RAF Odiham recorded a low of -8.3C on Sunday, marking it the coldest night of the winter so far.

And Surrey’s road policing unit took to Twitter on Friday evening urging motorists to “take it slow and steady” after officers had been “pulling vehicles out of ditches, towing those who have got stuck, driving, pushing and pulling cars up and down icy slopes”.

But among the chaos there was lots of fun as youngsters made the most of the snow day - and a day off school - by sledging in Farnham Park, building snowmen and having snowball fights!

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