BEDALES School in Steep, near Petersfield, is set to take legal action to remove travellers who have settled in its grounds.

Around 20 caravans have set up camp on land which is owned by the school. Petersfield police have been to visit the group.

Inspector Steve Sargent said police will be treating the situation carefully and intend to keep the area as safe as possible for youngsters.

He said: "The school is applying for an injunction and it hopes to have the travellers removed by the weekend.

"We have been up there many times and we want to make sure that there is no trouble. The group were moved on from a site in Farnham and have simply travelled down the road to find the next piece of land."

He added: "Having travellers on land near a school is always a concern and we want to make sure that we keep the area as safe as possible."