TRADITION and history were the messages behind Edgeborough School’s nativity as pupils explored the meaning behind the many aspects of Christmas.

The Frensham-based independent school and pre-prep pupils told the story of how a group of children couldn’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve as they were so excited about the big day and wanted to know what Christmas was all about.

Their grandfather gave them an early present, a magical box which took them on a special journey through different themes of Christmas.

Their journey took them through a German forest, learning why we have trees in our homes at Christmas. They were then taken to a warm and cosy home to learn about the tradition of different festive foods, before venturing out into a snowy park to learn about joy and happiness with the help of some very cheerful snowmen and snowflakes.

Next stop was the North Pole, where busy elves, Santa and some excited reindeer explained the tradition of giving gifts.

Finally, the magic box took the children back in time to visit Bethlehem, where Mary and Joseph were looking for a place to rest and there in the stable, baby Jesus was born.

With a cast featuring dancing Brussels sprouts, singing snowmen and colourful crackers, every child had an important role to play in explaining the true meaning of Christmas, from the youngest in reception to the oldest in year two.

Emma Goble, head of years one and two, said: “We are incredibly proud of all the children for putting on such a wonderful play. They put enormous effort into learning the songs and dances. The smiles on the children’s faces, from the first practice to the final performance, were testament to this.

“A huge well done to every child for their wonderful effort, determination and positivity, and an enormous thank you to the teachers and parents who put their time into the play.”