THE A3 south of Petersfield came to a standstill on Wednesday morning after one of the biggest collisions in recent memory.

But amazingly no-one was seriously hurt in the seven-vehicle crash at the southern end of Queen Elizabeth Country Park in mirky, freezing conditions, according to the Hampshire Police.

The shunt took place on the southbound carriageway some 500 yards north of the Clanfield and Chalton junction.

Firefighters were not called but the road was briefly closed by the police while recovery took place during the morning rush-hour.

A lane was re-opened around 8am but the resulting queues stretched back several miles and well beyond the A272 Winchester Road junction.

Hampshire Police were not able to confirm the cause of the crash or what vehicles were involved in the collision, which took place in fog.

Black ice is a possible factor, as temperatures in parts of East Hampshire hovered around -5C on the coldest night of the year so far.

The queue of traffic is pictured stretching well beyond the slopes of Queen Elizabeth Country Park and even reached the A272 Petersfield junction.