UPDATE: The below article has been updated after South East Water confirmed rolling road closures would not take effect until Monday, January 23. See here for the updated article.


Farnham will undergo a £1.3 million project to improve future tap water supplies beginning on Monday, January 9.

South East Water plans to install more than two kilometers of pipe in West Street, on private land, and the A31 Alton Road, a process that is expected to take approximately six months.

The project will be split into three phases:

The first phase, which will take place between Monday, January 9 and late-April, will see pipe installed along West Street, from a point close to Old Town Mews, towards A31 Alton Road.

A rolling road closure will be in place to protect motorists and pedestrians from the working area.

Once work approaches Coxbridge Farm the pipe will be diverted through private land towards Runwick Lane. This will be the second phase of the project and will run between late April and mid-June.

The third and final phase will involve the pipe crossing the Farnham-bound lane on A31 Alton Road. Runwick Lane will be closed for three weeks while a series of lane closures will be in place along A31 Alton Road.

Jeremy Dufour, project manager, said: “We know the population in the area is due to increase so it’s important we install this new pipe to ensure customers have a steady supply of top-quality drinking water.

“We are very sorry for any disruption this vital scheme may cause but we’ll be working closely with residents and businesses in the area to minimise the impact as much as possible.

“We know this is an exceptionally busy area for cars and a key route into Farnham.

“West Street will be closed in short sections, meaning the closure will follow the pipe as it is installed.

“Road closures are always a last resort but due to other utilities, the pipe needs to be laid close to the centre of the road, meaning temporary traffic lights are not suitable.

“This project is very much short-term pain for long-term gain and we will be working very closely with both Surrey County Council and Waverley Borough Council to minimise impact to residents, motorists and businesses.”

Residents and businesses can learn more about the project by visiting southeastwater.co.uk/farnham

This project is part of South East Water's £433 million investment in improving its water network between 2020 and 2025.