Jeremy Hunt is close to deciding where he will be standing in the next election.

The Boundary Commission has decided to cut his constituency in half.

The plans are to create a new cross-border ‘Farnham and Bordon’ constituency, which incorporates Haslemere and Liphook, with the remaining portion of South West Surrey forming a new ‘Godalming and Ash’ constituency, incorporating Cranleigh to the south and Milford to the west.

Mr Hunt has, though, ruled out the Conservative Party moving its chancellor to a safer seat. “I am definitely going to be staying in South West Surrey – it’s a part of the world I absolutely love,” he said.

“The boundary changes have been a nightmare for me because they have essentially cut the seat in half and it has been like asking a parent to choose between one of their two children. I was thinking about it over Christmas and will make a decision this month.

“I have never treated South West Surrey anything other than a highly-marginal seat. I have always taken the view it will vote Conservative as long as they think the Conservatives are working hard for their vote, but won’t vote Conservative if they think we are taking their vote for granted.”