Parents and carers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder  (ASD) can often feel alone and not know where to turn. That is why at St Mark’s Church in Upper Hale there will be a session for parents, children and carers to meet and share experiences. The session will take place on Thursday, May 30, 1-2.30pm at St Mark’s Church, Alma Lane, GU9 0LT.

The session is open to all those caring not just for children with a diagnosis but also those who think their child may have ASD. While local stakeholders will be on hand, the main idea is that parents and carers will share ideas and find support in each other.

ASD constitutes a range of conditions related to the brain’s development and is usually, but not exclusively, diagnosed in childhood. It manifests itself in many ways, including repetitive and restrictive behaviour and difficulties with social communication and social interaction. It is estimated that at least one in 100 people has ASD.

Many children go through school undiagnosed and lacking the support they need while others who are diagnosed still struggle. The parents and carers also struggle and often report higher levels of depression, anxiety, and mental health–related issues than parents of neurotypical children.

The NAS reported surveyed more that 4,000 parents in 2021 and found that a quarter (26 per cent) of parents waited more than three years to receive support for their child and three-quarters (74 per cent) said their child’s school place did not fully meet their need. Seven in ten autistic children and young people in the survey said that school would be better if more teachers understood autism. 

To join in, come to St Mark’s Church on May 30 from 1pm. Call 07842761919 or email [email protected] for more details.