POLICE briefly cordoned off part of the A3 northbound near Thursley last Saturday for a dramatic swan rescue.

The daring rescue by Milford veterinary surgery assistant Shannon Davies, Hydestile Resident Animals owner Graham Cornick and centre volunteer Paul Wilson occurred shortly after 9am.

Shannon happened to be heading south when she spotted a swan trying to cross the A3 to the northbound carriageway, where another swan had been hit and killed. It later turned out they were brothers.

“It was a massive bird and it was still alive but it had some blood and was breathing hard,” she said. “It was quite dangerous because it was walking out into the middle of the road.

“I stopped to help but other motorists just swerved past us.

“I managed to get it off the A3 but it fell into a deep ditch and it was panicking and couldn’t get out.

“I rang Hydestile Resident Animals and called the police. The police said they would be there in 10 minutes but arrived two minutes later because someone else had reported the dead swan on the other carriageway.

“They blocked off the left hand lane to let Graham and Paul rescue the swan.

“Graham did an amazing job in getting down into the ditch and calming it down.

“I think he must be a swan whisperer. Swans can mistake tarmac for water, which is why this could have happened.”

Fortunately, the swan was only slightly injured and Graham and Paul were able to release it following some tender loving care on Tuesday afternoon at Broadwater Lake, Godalming.

Graham said: “It was a beautiful bird and we named it Shannon. It was walking across the A3 to get to its brother.”