Time to rebury the capsule

Friday 12th May 2017 6:12 am

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FERNHURST Primary School pupils has had to re-bury its time capsule four years after the first ceremony.

In 2012, the school buried a McVities Jubilee tin filled with memorabilia in honour of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. It contained a school sweatshirt, a copy of the popular children’s book ‘The Queen’s Knickers’, a letter from the headteacher, a photo of the school, a copy of a local paper from that day, some coins and a set of Top Trumps.

The tin was buried in the school grounds complete with instructions for it not to be opened for 60 years. If all went well it would not be touched until 2072.

A year later, however, building work started on the school’s two new classrooms that would enable the school to expand – so the time capsule had to be dug back up.

School administrator Fiona Atkinson said: “Since then it has been in a safe place, waiting for the right day for it to be reburied,”

“Some four years later, the last day of spring term and Gary Parkes’ last day as headteacher, seemed a poignant day to rebury the time capsule. This time we hope it really will remain untouched for 60 years.”

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