A GROUP of travellers set up camp on green space at Treloar Heights, off Chawton Park Road, in Alton last Wednesday, before moving across the road onto land leased from Alton Town Council by the Westbrook Guides and Brownies.

Having tried to deter them from getting onto the site, and having to call a fire and rescue crew from Alton to come and entrench a camp fire that was in danger of getting out of control in the tinder-dry grass, the Treloar Heights residents were relieved to see the back of their visitors at around 11.30pm on Sunday night.

On the day before the travellers had been served an eviction notice by land owners, Persimmon Homes, which gave them 24-hours to quit the green. At the 11th hour, they upped sticks and decamped to an area of land between the Hawkins Guides HQ and Alton Tennis Club, gaining access, despite a height restriction barrier, via the Alton Outdoor Bowls Club car park.

Used as a secure camping area, the site, which is effectively landlocked, was part of a land swap after some of the Westbrook Guides’ site was swallowed up to provide access to the bowls club.

Having suffered before at the hands of travellers, the Guides were quick off the mark in contacting their HQ in London but the eviction process was going to take too long, so they contacted Persimmon and were able to ride on the back of its eviction notice.

Having been served on Monday, by Tuesday lunchtime the travellers had moved on, leaving Westbrook Guides with a hefty £1,000 bill.