TURMERLICIOUS, a new range of instant turmeric lattes produced by Farnham residents, are being heralded as one of the trendiest, as well as healthiest drinks for 2017.

Turmerlicious is a small family business run by Maggie Howell and her husband Phil. Maggie said: “We have five sons who are all at school in Farnham and we live in Upper Hale. We officially launched at the Natural and Organic Food Fair at Excel earlier this month.

“At the show we were picked from over 90 innovative companies to pitch in a live dragon’s den style pitch to Holland and Barrett. After six live pitches we were announced one of the two winners who will automatically be listed in Holland and Barrett.”

From artisan coffee shops to sports clubs, turmeric latte is fast becoming a hot favourite.

However, making it from scratch is not only time consuming but can leave fingers and the kitchen counter a shade of yellow.

So business owner Maggie has launched Turmerlicious – a new range of instant turmeric lattes which come in convenient single serving sachets for on the go or larger packs of 10 servings for the kitchen counter.

Turmerlicious is made from a blend of coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, a hint of black pepper to aid with the absorption of turmeric and coconut blossom nectar to a touch of sweetness.

To accommodate the taste buds of her own five sons, Maggie has created four different natural flavours – vanilla, ginger, choco, and for the not so faint hearted, chilli choc.

Turmerlicious also ticks many of the freeform boxes as it is dairy free, gluten free, nut free and the non-choco versions are also caffeine free. To maximise the health benefits of the drink each serving contains approx. 1.5g whole food turmeric powder.

For more information visit the website www.turmerlicious.com.