Tony Souter, the man behind the successful Energise Ukraine appeal, has returned from a visit to the war-torn country.

Tony, from Alton, spearheaded the campaign which was supported by our papers and raised more than £17,000 to send much-needed generators to Ukraine.

He loaded up a car - nicknamed The Beast and part-donated by Osgood's of Alton - with supplies and made the trip to the country which is fighting back after the invasion by Russian forces.

While he was there, he noticed the locals' favourite drink - complete with the caricature of Boris Johnson on the label of every bottle.

"They do like Boris out there," said Tony.

The former prime minister was one of the first world leaders to back the Ukrainians' war against Russia.

A comprehensive report of Tony's visit, plus photographs he took while he was there, are in this week's Herald series of papers, and the Petersfield Post, on sale now.

His heart-wrenching report will be carried on our websites tomorrow to mark the one-year anniversary of the start of the war.