Sir, – Classical Collection, a two-hour morning musical programme on BBC Radio 3 last week highlighted composers and artists who had other occupations in addition to music.

Twice it featured the Farnhamian conductor, Jeffery Tate, who qualified as a doctor before devoting himself to music.

Jeffery Tate went to Farnham Grammar School in Morley Road. The Old Farnhamians' Association (Old Boys of Farnham Grammar School), having established recently who is the oldest living old boy, may like to reopen the subject of who is the most famous old boy, as Jeffery Tate is, undoubtedly a strong candidate.

Furthermore, recent articles in The Herald about Mike Hawthorn, and about Faulkner, Borelli and Sturt raises the subject of who was the greatest Farnhamian of them all.

A series of articles entitled "Famous Farnhamians", written perhaps, by your illustrious writer, Monica Jones, may assist readers in making their choice.

Hans Holm, Fitzjohn's Avenue, London