PHONE giant T-Mobile's plans to erect a mast near Beacon Hill Primary School look like facing fierce opposition - from the pupils. The school was shocked to get a letter from the company highlighting its plans for a five- metre mast at nearby Devonshire House. Parents were alerted to the scheme and many have objected, but now the pupils have launched their own campaign against the proposed mast. Bearing banners with slogans such as "Please not in our village" and "Say no to mast, say yes to safety", the children are appealing to the phone company to rethink its plans. As well as the protest by the children, parents and staff will meet company representatives in the next few weeks to ask questions and raise their concerns. As well as the health fears, Beacon Hill has recently been given a grant by the South East England Development Association (SEEDA) for a revamp, and residents say putting up a mast would defeat the object of the refurbishment scheme. Parent Susie Baldwin said: "The village is a safe and beautiful environment to bring children up in, and this mast would completely change that." The school's chairman of governors, Chris Grimes, added: "I encourage all parents who wish to voice concerns to attend the meeting we are planning and to ensure the school is aware of their views." "In this way we will take account of the views of parents so that we are fully able to represent their concerns. T-Mobile claims there is already a mast at the site, and that it would just be extending it. It added the mast would give out far lower emissions than allowed by The Stewart Report's guidelines for public exposure.