St Matthew's Church at Blackmoor and Whitehill screened Saturday’s coronation service for King Charles III from 10am until the middle of the afternoon.

It turned out to be an excellent idea as it allowed the bell ringers to ring from 10am to 11am and then dash down the spiral staircase to watch the ceremony, returning upstairs for more ringing as the King and Queen left Westminster Abbey.

The opportunity to watch the service was thrown open to the congregation, friends and villagers – especially welcomed by those who otherwise would have seen it on their own.

Food was brought to eat and to share, and Davina’s coffee and tea were appreciated, especially after an hour’s ringing by the tower band plus three new learners who had specifically joined to ‘Ring for the King’.

There was a beautiful porch decoration and an interactive element to the Bell Ringer’s Window – a xylophone was available so the bells for ‘Queens’ and ‘Kings’ could be played!

Many joined in the Lord’s Prayer and watched the splendour of the whole occasion in wonder.